Monday, March 20, 2017

Pic 47: Best diaper rash cream

My baby is on diapers 24/7. She's on cloth diapers mostly..but during night time I put her on disposables. During her first month, she was always on disposables and had very bad diaper rashes..we were asked to use desitin extra strength.  It helped to some extent..but didn't satisfy me.  After we moved to cloth diapers,  she was better.

During our India trip, my friend recommended #himalayaherbals #babyproducts. I bought their rash cream on her recommendation..but didn't open it for almost 3 weeks.

I introduced solids to her at 5 months and that is when I started experiencing diaper rash again...bad rashes. .so. .thought of giving the #himalayaherbals #diaperrashcream a try... IT IS THE BOMB.COM

Loved it so much. .my daughter's rash vanished in just 2 days. .just wow.

PS: This is not a paid review. It's just my opinion. Himalaya Herbals don't even know that I exist

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